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Aussie Rules Fans...


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Dish Network is having a free preview of Setanta Sports which features alot of Rugby, EPL games, and Live Aussie Rules games!

They will also have live EPL games starting the 11th.

From what I can tell it costs about 15 bucks a month, but the free preview runs through the 9th of September.

They also have some Hurling and gaelic football on this week!

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Setanta, I believe paid a lot of money for the EPL rights. It will be $15/month in Canada as well, and I think available only on Rogers at the moment.

I'm glad Rogers Sportsnet (Ontario and HD) decided to show some games here in Canada (on tape delay through the Setanta feed). That West Coast-Fremantle game last week was quite intense. The best part was the pre-game on the field with one of the commentators was holding the Derby trophy and said it was heavier than the Stanley Cup ... yeah, like he would know :lol:

However, I think that would only last through to the Grand Final and it will be lost in the Digital/Satellite neighbourhood again...

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I have experience with Setanta seeing it frequently in an Irish pub I used to visit when I lived in Vegas. It's a great channel, but just a bit more than I want to spend for a lot of sports that I like but aren't at the top of my food chain. The 15-16 bucks a month they want puts it in HBO territory for most expensive package one can get for cable or satellite, and at least with HBO you get like 8 of them.

I'm surpirsed no one has picked up Aussie Rules here in the States. I used to love it on ESPN years ago and I remember watching it years ago during the incarnation of FOX Sports World. If only they could devote like 4-6 hours a week to it on one of 18 FOX Sports Net regional channels or the Fox Soccer Channel. Alas, they feel it more important to show a replay between teams like Fulham and Bolton Wanders for the um-teenth time.

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Well, I think its good you guys are getting some coverage. It's a great game...

IF anyone wants to have a look at our game first up, the Golden Gate AFL Grand Final is on on Saturday week. Details:

August 2007GGAFL (Golden Gate Australian Football League) Grand Final

When: Saturday, August 25 2007 @ 02:00 PM EST - 02:00PM

Event Type:

Where: Ygnacio Valley Park.

Concord, CA

Description: Golden Gate Australian Football League Grand Final.

Held at Ygnacio Valley Park. Concord, California, United States of America.

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Yeah, it's a shame that Fox dumped it in the FSC changeover. AFL's the whole reason I got Fox Sports World in the first place. (Of course, that lead to my soccer obsession. Pushers, they are.)

Now, if the cable companies would make Setanta, GolTV, etc, an option... :mad:

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Sportsnet has games confirmed until the end of the month!!!

And except for one match, we'll be seeing Victoria-cased teams... non-Victoria teams should never be allowed to play each other... Footy needs Vistorian teams (I'll make an exception for Sydney)

Kudos to my ex-employer (Rogers) - at least they have ONE of their companies that know what they're doing...

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