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Riddell Pocket Pro Helmets


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Obviously, I realize this is not a true uniform question, but I figured someone on this board may have some info on this.

I am a big fan of the Riddell pocket pro helmets that they put out. In fact, I own all professional football and baseball ones they have, as well as the college football ones they have made, including Notre Dame and Boise State.

My question is...does anyone know if/when/will they ever release the Sun Belt, WAC and Navy and Army mini helmets (I won't push my luck with a Western Kentucky one yet)? If yes/no/maybe, can anyone tell me why? I have tried to contact Riddell and have yet to receive any kind of answer. Thank you kindly.

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I asked this same question to JSC Sports Collectibles. They have a large selection of pocket pros for sale. Apparently, they are coming out with the new 2007 helmets in a few weeks. So we will know if they have updated helmets for teams like Michigan State, Minnesota, Rice, UCF and Kansas from the conferences they already produce.

Someone on the helmet project's board said there were no plans to produce the WAC, Sun Belt and Independent helmets. I hope that person was wrong.

The custom helmets on ebay are nice, but expensive. I saw a new custom North Texas pocket pro helmet (TM Pantone) on ebay and it was going for around $19!

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