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Couple of my concepts...


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Well guys, it took me a while to get up the courage to put up some of my concepts (and I have LOTS), frankly because I didnt think they were good enough, but hey, if I dont get help from others that are more experienced and curious, then why do it at all. Well here they are...it's a fantasy hockey concept-the Dayton Venom, these are the alternate logos, the main ones are still works in progress, I'll post them soon.

Well let me know what you think, and where to go from here.Dayton Venom Alternate Crest

Dayton Venom Alternate Shoulder Patch

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Thanks for the kind words, Cuss.  The primary logo is supposed to look like the top portoin of  a cobra in the "S" strike position, turning to the left to attack.  Maybe I should outline/highlight the silver with more green than gunmetal.  I was just trying to make it look more like shading than an actual hard outline of the figure.  Let me get more feedback and I'll make a decision.


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