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Austin wranglers uniforms unveiled


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Well, I found some pics of the new Austin Wranglers uniforms. Haven't seen any of the Soul or Voodoo yet, but I'll keep checking. These are small but show enough detail to draw some conclusions about them:


Looks like they've got an AOC option... which looks ridiculous. Call me crazy but I wish they had just eliminated that stupid red color from the scheme altogether. They have red piping on a royal blue jersey! It looks almost pink in that first picture.

It's kind of hard, actually, to know which ones are the real ones, because IMO, they both look different. Notice the number on the first picture is stylized to match their wordmark wth the flair coming off the side of the 7? I thought maybe these were unis from a different team, but they have the wordmark plastered right above the number. Also the curved "spikes" on the arm look shorter than in the right pic. In addition, he jerseys on the right look darker to me... Any ideas?

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You hit the nail on the head nitro... these two images are obviously just "doctored" photos, created so that the Wranglers' PR department would have something to include on their website and in mass mailings.

I mean, when have the Wranglers actually played a game that they could pull photos from? Never.  IMHO, team management is shooting for something LIKE the uniform depicted on the left: stylized numbers, predominantly blue and white, with red accents. They have yet to unveil the ACTUAL uniforms. These are just "pie-in-the-sky" Photoshop edits.

In fact, I believe the one on the left is a Photoshopped picture of Darryl Hammond with the Georgia Force last season. And here I thought performing on "Saturday Night Live" would keep him plenty busy. :P

Talk about "corporate synergy" between the AFL and NBC! :D

Brian in Boston

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