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Another Charlotte Checkers

Shane Does Art

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Nice work...

The bear eye as a "c", the bright colors, and very clean too.

my 2 cents say have blue as the 3rd...only because it's not as commonly used as red.

But I'm completely in love with that blue jersey!

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I like the colours... but I think those checkers shouldn't be so big. The other guy who did this concept a few days back did a really good job with the checkers. His were smaller... well, I'm sure you've seen it.

I'd go with red as the alternate, because the logo is different than on the other 2. Also, I like the baby blue helmets on the white uniforms... but the pants, I'm not so sure... I would have to see it on the ice. The checkered pattern on the pants is a nice touch, though.

As I said in that other guy's concept, that logo... ugh... one of my least favourite in all of professional hockey.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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