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Nats-Inspired Lettering


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Overhauling the graphics for my blog. For display lettering, I'm using custom initial letters inspired by the Nats curly W with Cowboys-style letters, in red and blue with cream and gold highlights. Work in progress, but I've got the two main headline elements already in place. Anyway, for some applications, notably my favicon, I'm working with an interlocking BW logo, but for the life of me I can't settle on color choices. Here is what I'm currently playing with; I would appreciate any input as to whether anyone prefers or hates any of these slight variations:





I'd kind of like the W to be slightly more visually prominent than the B, but only slightly, and anyway on most of these I can't figure out which version draws the eye most strongly to the W. Help!

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NYY - thanks! How did you know that I have a total jones for that subtle drop-shadow effect? Can't believe I didn't apply that in the first place. I think this is what you're talking about:


And it's like twenty times better than anything I had been playing around with on my own. (The left one is more in line with the "slightly offset color printing" effect that's sort of the house style on my site; the one on the right is a more closer application of your mockup. One of these, plus the un-outlined blue B, red W, is probably what I'll go with, depending on the specific use.)

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