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Amped up for upcoming season...compelled to update my sig (and avatar)...

I can take requests (from die-hard fans only, not casual fans please) as i have the basic template saved. All I'd need is pics.

Any other real 'Cuse fans, feel free to use this if you want...


Ohio State


North Dakota State

St. John's (MN)

Portland State



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I really like this sig. This I have two requests, hopefully you can do them. Illinois is my favorite college (my dad's alma mater) and my cousin plays at Indiana, so they're my 2nd favorite for now. Here are the pictures, if they're not good I can find different ones. I'll use both of these when college football season starts off.


Juice Williams

J Leman

Rashard Mendenhall

Kyle Hudson

Antonio Steele

Martin O'Donnell


Matt Mayberry

Kellen Lewis

James Hardy

Tracy Porter

Marcus Thigpen

John Sandberg

If any of the pictures don't work, let me know and I'll find a new one.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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