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Tcu to mwc


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Let's face it; CUSA is going to dissolve.  The basketball teams are migrating to the A10 and Big East.  TCU looks to be headed to the MWC,  and it would not be unforseeable for USM, Tulane and USF to jump to the Sun Belt in an effort to bolster that conference.
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Hmm depends on the sport but there are a patsy or 2 in each of the big confrences if you notice.

For example

the ACC

in Basketball Florida State is a patsy

while in football Duke is a patsy

Big Ten

Basketball Northwestern is a patsy

Football the major patsy is now Indiana

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up here in Big Ten country Northwestern's usually our patsy :;): although every now and then they screw everything up by actually fielding a team :laugh:

and down in SEC country, we all know about the school i will mention in a moment, the one team that has never won the SEC title, whose last conference title was 1923, last back to back winning seasons were 1974-75, whose last bowl appearance was in 1982...a school whose team somehow maintains an all time winning record despite decades of ineptitude...ladies and gentlemen we all know who i speak of, the subject of my most recent concept, the Commodores of Vanderbilt University

basketball, though, there's no clear cut patsy, really.  unless i forget someone (no, not Vandy, they're actually competitive in other sports)

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Yikes, my gophers basketball team are the patsys this year.  We have a freshman, and thats it. Our starting PG just walked off the team..

I bet Dan Monson wishes he woulda stayed at Gonzaga!

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