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Vegas Gold


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What is the hue, sat, lum, red, blue, and yellow on Vegas Gold? Thanks for your help in advance.

I have seen a few different PMS codes listed for Vegas Gold but I found this one a couple of times so hopefully this helps:

Pantone 4505

L-56 A-1 B-38

C-40 M-40 Y-87 K-11

R-151 G-132 B-66

H-47 S-56 B-59

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There's an easy way to find the specs for any color:

1) Download and save an image with the color you want.

2) Open said image in any image editor (even lowly MS Paint will do).

3) Use the "eyedropper" tool to select the part of the image in that color.

4) The image editor should have some way of displaying the color you just selected, and all its specs. In Paint, it's "Edit Colors" from the Colors pulldown menu. I also use PhotoImpact, and with that you don't even have to select the color - just mousing over it while in eyedropper mode will display the color specs in the attribute toolbar.

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Sorry...hadn't come back to this forum until today.

What exactly do you mean by "my color codes"? Are you referring to Pantone colors? They're not exactly MINE (!)...but www.pantone.com has all of the information I use. I also store Pantone Textiles (cotton and paper), Madeira threads, Robison-Anton threads, FuFu threads, New Era, Webster fabrics, Liebe twill, Stahl's, TOYO inks, blah, blah, blah. As of right now, I have detailed (and historical) information on over 39,000 different colors - with about another 16,000 about to be added.

And then, I've got over 29,000 confirmed professional Pantone/color values, and over 12,000 confirmed collegiate colors.

One note about that color codes chart that was posted - those Hex/RGB values are derived from the CMYK values using an algorithm (CMYK -> CMY -> RGB) that is not very accurate for representing the colors. As I've mentioned many times in the past, the RGB values I use are taken from the sRGB color space - these are RGB values that Pantone, Inc. has designated as accurate for displaying Pantone colors on computer monitors. These are not going to match up with color spaces in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop...those programs use a different kind of algorithm for calculating RGB values. The ones I use have nothing to do whatsoever with CMYK...they are the RGB values that best represent the Pantone Formula Mix on computer monitors.

Does that make sense?

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