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Hi all, I posted this in requests form, as can be seen here, but I would also like to get some feedback on 2 concepts I'm currently kicking around. These represent my first attempt at putting a uniform together, so I hope to learn a few things from this. Here are the jerseys, templates from Roger Clemente's great topic (thank you!):



All C&C are welcomed and appriciated. Thanks for your time

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It's just a Blackhawk's jersey with a cut and paste cardinal/wordmark, not a whole lot to critique.

This is my first time attempting to put together elements on a jersey, and that cardinal is the new logo of our athletics department. I'm just trying to fine tune things so that it looks like a decent jersey. I also have no clue how to properly put the cardinal on the uniform, since when I shrink it seems to gradient itself and it becomes difficult to properly put it on without going pixel by pixel with various shades of black and grey

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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