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The San Diego Chargers


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After seeing (and reading a six-page long thread) the Chargers new jerseys in action, it seems to have some minor (but very annoying) flaws. So I've tried to tweak those issues to make it a complete uniform.

1. Biggest issue by far is the bolt on the pants and the shoulders: it gets blurred/it's upside down.

2. Cluttered shoulder area.

3. Helmet looks empty.

So here we go, hopefully this will help fix the update:


1. Kept the bolt on white no matter what, either by removing the blue strip on the home pants, or adding a white outline to the bolt. (And made it right-side up)

2. Remove the TV numbers completely. Instead, helmet TV numbers. Less clutter.

3. Fixed by adding the numbers.

C&C as always to make this a good as it can be!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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