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Longview Comearounds


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Somewhere in Washington, there's a town called Longview. It's most known as the name of a Green Day song, according to this little snippet by Wikipedia:

The title of the song "Longview" by the rock band Green Day was inspired by the city. The pop-punk trio had several friends in the area due to frequent performances in Portland, Oregon. Often they would meet other punk acts from Longview who would open their shows for them. According to one concert's press agent, Jim Baltutis, Green Day played a show at a Longview club, The Rainbow Rocks, in the summer of 1992, which later inspired the title of the song. However, several misconceptions circulate about the title, one being that the members of the band attended Longview's R.A. Long High school, and at one of their shows they decided to name it after their "Home-Town" - Green Day is actually from Berkeley, California.

Now, I wanted to have a Green Day related name for this little project. I originally was going to call them the Longview 86s, but it didn't seem right. Then, I thought about their best (and my favorite) song, When I Come Around. I played around with the name Longview When-I-Come-Arounds, shorting it to Comearounds. I said it to myself, and I thought,"Sounds like a 19th century baseball team." So, with that in mind, I made the jersey have an old-fashioned theme, with a cream home jersey, Tuscan for the font, no names on the back, no sleeve patches, and front piping. I was torn about a logo on the hat, so I've included a hat with one and one without.


I want to see the reaction on the home before I start on the away and perhaps a really old-timey alt.

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Many know Longview for what he said. Let me say that Longview is where I was born. Yay for Longview! :)

I understand the idea process behind it, but it just doesn't sound like Longview the way I know it. I know it as strong lumber town that has many lumber mills (and the noxious sulfur like smell that comes from it). I would of rather seen a Longview Lumberjacks uniform set instead because it ties in with it's history and it also plays along with one of it's high schools, R.A. Long.

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