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Aussie Rule crossover to NFL


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This comes about for a few reasons.

1. The recent thread about your first concept. I've been here a while and I'm three PCs into this deal now. So my first concept was a shameful MS Paint version of what I have now re-done in Illustrator.

2. I wanted to show off the new helmet template available on vectorportal.com

3. Anything Discrim can do, I can... well, can anyone do what Discrim does? Well, at least I'm having a go.

Here's one of the cultural icons of Australian sport, the Essendon Bombers, as I see them as an NFL team.

The main reason for the plain-ness of the concept:

Essendon have used the same design in every game they've played since 1890. Eighteen Ninety!

So I wanted to keep the extra bits free from the piping options, the multi coloured numbers etc and stay true to the unchanging nature of the Essendon uniform, hence the single colour collar, cuffs and hooped socks.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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