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Lions Uni


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Just kinda messing around. this jersey is sort of inspired by the texans (shoulders). im tired of the lions's sleeves. i dislike the Steelers/iowa sleeves. i think it looks better in black and yellow.

not sure about the helmet, and i took a lot of silver out of the jersey as well.




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I like them enough. The away one looks pretty nice. There's not enough silver in either, especially the home jersey. Much like how black is not one of the Mets colors, thus shouldn't be overly represented in their jerseys (which it is), white is not one of the lions colors, and, although it is fine as the main color of an away jersey, those white stripes on the away set should be silver. And maybe those numbers. And silver doesn't really appear at all in the away set. I don't think the blue helmet is necessary at all, and, again, there's just not enough silver.

This has good direction, but, even you have silver listed before white in that color palate. It should have greater representation.

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This really isn't That's far darker than the Lions' "Hawaiian" blue unless my monitor is fouled up. Also, no concept or real uni having black outlines "just because" is credible. Adding those outlines was one of the most ridiculous uniform design changes ever.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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