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Pac 10 Footy Series part 3


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Part 1-Washington and Washington State

Part 2-Oregon and Oregon State

And finally, we're out of the "state name and state name state" region and going-going...back-back...to Cali-Cali! Northern California, to be exact...and now in my best Michael Buffer impersonation, in the red corner, the pride of Palo Alto...representing Leland Stanford University...the Stanford Cardinal



and in the blue corner...hailing from the Republic of Berkely...the Cal Golden Bears



heh, the trees for Stanford just seemed obvious to me. Initially I had black trim on the lettering, but everything looked muddled so I dropped it and just have one-color lettering. for Cal, I took the bearclaw sash from their bear and claw logo. it was just beggin me to use it as a sash. the clash is based off the California state flag (which is why I have the Cal script over a star on this one), and the bear here is based on the flag bear. I considered placing "REPUBLIC OF BERKELY" on the back to mimic the flag's CALIFORNIA REPUBLIC lettering, but thought better of it and went with UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA instead.

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I like this!! As a Cal guy, that bear paw around the shoulder one juxtaposed with the immitation of the California flag...very nice. And as much as I hate Stanfurd, you also did a nice job with it. Great work overall!

Man, I'm heavily, heavilty considering using your idea for the California flag as a rally flag at the games, cause that's just flipping genius. shoot....one week left. =X

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Bump this set...

STANFORD - Solid, no gripes, no suggestions.

CAL - What's keeping me from liking this is the spelling out of "UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA", for several reasons. First, it's just too many letters to be read legibly on a uniform. It fails the VanLandingham test in a major way. Second, The University of California is a 10-school system that includes campuses at Berkeley, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Davis... you get the idea. Berkeley is no more able to lay claim to the title "University of California" than UCLA is, even though it is the oldest of the schools in the UC system IIRC. Third, UC-Berkeley is rarely, if ever, referred to simply as "Unversity of California". It's almost always "Cal", "Berkeley", or a fusion of the two. Fourth, if you're going to use the joke name of the school, the correct name is/was "People's Republic of Berkeley", a nod to the extreme left-wing vibe that resonates there. "Republic of Berkeley" doesn't make the joke in the same way.

The concept itself is fine for Cal, but there's a lot of logistics that need to be cleaned up before signing off on this one, 'Scrim.

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The strange thing about these ones is that they are Discrim designs, yet I could see all 4 being used.

I really like the Stanford Home jumper, even though it does look a touch like a Christmas special.

As for the bear arm and claw as a sash, I could see that being used as well.

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