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The Super Series

Shane Does Art

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This series is the stupidest cash grab I've ever seen. How can something be called a " Super Series " when they don't even have the elite talent? Plus the fact that there's no motive what so ever behind this series.

Let's take a look at the Summit Series, shall we. 1972 we're in the middle of the Cold War, the NHL is currently dominated by North American players, and European players are not worthy of the league. There's a hate between the two countries, Canada wan'ts to show there the best and to put those communists in the USSR in there place. The Soviets want to prove that they, and Europeans in general can play the same calibre hockey as us in North America. We have a full fledged reason for this series, it has meaning, there's rivalry and hate between the two sides.

Canada just sneaks out the win in the series and we see that were no longer the mighty hockey power we once were, other country's can play to,

Now let's fast forward to this thus called " Super Series ". May I ask the point of it? To try and re-create a moment in history that can't be re-created? The series is pointless and as I've said god knows how many times above, there's no reason for it, other then to make money.

That's my opinion on the matter.

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