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MLS uniform concepts


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Boredom hit hard today, so I decided to do an MLS uniform concept set. The idea is to use the current set of manufacturer templates, and to add sponsor logos. For each club (with exceptions of Colorado and Toronto, since they're basically what I would have done anyway), I used a manufacturer that was previously associated with the club (i.e. nike for LA, umbro for New England). Let me know what you guys think, and I'll take requests as well.

CD CHIVAS USA: For Chivas, since they were an expansion team, they naturally started with adidas. I used the new template that most bar-wearing clubs use, such as Newcastle United.


CHICAGO FIRE: Chicago was long associated with Puma and Honda before the adidas takeover, so this was the natural progression.


COLUMBUS CREW: The Crew were with adidas pretty much the entirety they've been in the league. For the sponsor, I couldn't think of anyone decent, so I chose one of the main league sponsors, Gatorade.


DC UNITED: DC was another adidas club since it's founding, so this one was easy. I chose not to go with a sponsor, since the three stripes across the chest has become so iconic of the club.


HOUSTON DYNAMO: Originally, the San Jose Earthquakes had been with Nike, so that's who I chose for Houston. I couldn't find the Amigo Energy logo for the sponsor, so I kept the club wordmarks.


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KANSAS CITY WIZARDS: Yet another adidas club, yet another main MLS sponsor - this one was a no-brainer.


LOS ANGELES GALAXY: This one I had fun with; new club colours and crest, old styling and manufacturer. LA adopted the sash design with Nike's Cool Motion™ template from the 2002 World Cup, and stuck with it until the new Beckham redesign. I chose to bring the sash back for this design. I might add that this is one of my favorites in the bunch.


NEW ENGLAND REVOLUTION: New England wore Umbro kits for a few seasons before switching to Reebok for one season before the adidas switch, which is why I went with Umbro here. Sam Adams seemed like a more fun sponsor than Gillette.


REAL SALT LAKE: An established look, and established sponsor, this one was a simple update to the new adidas template.


RED BULL NEW YORK: Again, when the club was the New York/New Jersey MetroStars (later just the MetroStars), Nike had been the club's manufacturer, so I went back to them for this one.


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Too much monochrome. Especially on the alternate uniforms.

And agreed on the NY jersey. Blue would be a lot better to make the Red Bulls stand out more. Or a blue and gray quarters shirt.

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I'm basing these uniforms off of what the teams wear currently and/or have worn traditionally in the past. As to RBNY, I switched out the red and white on the home kit, so I'll reverse it to how they wear it now and at FC Red Bull Salzburg (white top, red shorts at home, all navy clash).

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These concepts reignite my hatred for adidas. Can anyone imagine how awesome the MLS would look if Nike was their outfitter. *sigh*

Great concept all together, you can't really do too many new things because of some of the suppliers, but your creativity shines through anyway. I love your LA Galaxy uniforms, I would snatch one up in a heartbeat.


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That LA away kit is awesome. I really wish Nike would still be involved in MLS, just because of these. I hate columbus's kit, mainly because I think the Golpe (Rapids) kit looks way better then the Onore(Red Bulls) kit. Like the choice of sponsors for those who don't have it as well.

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Pretty good, except for Chicago. I'm just not feeling those at all. I love the LA look. What about using the more symmetrical West Ham / Blackburn version of the Umbro kits, rather than the England version?

Really, Chicago's 2000-2002 Nike kits were much better than their Puma counterparts. And they spent more time with Nike (1998-2002) than Puma (2003-2005).


For a closer look, see the coach in this picture.

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For Chivas I think a blue and white change would be better to cut down on all the all whites in the league. NE is especially delicious but to add to that could you post a mockup of the change jersey in a creamish color for curiousity reasons? All the others are beautiful as usual. Your DC concept is so awesome it hurts.

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