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Phillies Brett Meyers verbal tirade


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Last year it was his wife he attacked this time it was a reporter


Warning for the Children lots of profanity

Try this link: http://www.kyw1060.com/pages/3759.php

I'm friends with the Inquirer's usual Phillies writer (Zolecki) but he wasn't there last night. Apparently they sent Sam Carchidi to fill-in.

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Having covered baseball myself over the years I am surprised that more writers don't get their asses kicked by players and coaches. If it were a fan I'd say it was a big deal but I've been in enough baseball clubhouses over the years to know the writer probably had it coming. The next "good guy" baseball beat writer I meet will be the first. In my experience most of them are confrontational :censored:s who ask the same mind-numbing and stupid, questions day in and day out. The funny part is that these...ahem...writers take themselves very seriously. To paraphrase Woody Allen, "Those who can't do write. Those who can't write cover sports."

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myers isnt a saint by anymeans, but i think a lot of this was overdone by myers...the phillies have been losing games left and right, and i think he did this to pump the team up and put some fire under them...oh yea and myers never beat his wife

Seems to me there are better ways to motivate your team than berating a journalist. But then it is Philadelphia. :P

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