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AAA team commits 10 errors


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I went to a Single-A game last month between the Peoria Chiefs and the Great Lakes Loons where the final score was 14-3 Peoria and the Loons had 8 errors with 10 hits, while Peoria had 15 hits with no errors. Half the errors came from the Loons' shortstop. Interesting to note that both Don Mattingly and Andy Van Slyke had sons playing for Great Lakes.

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So let's subtract them two A due to their 10 errors.

Now they are an A team. Not just the one with Mr T and George Peppard but they have the same fun like the old TV series. :D

(insert manditory "I pity the fool" joke) :D

i swear to god i was gonna.

i pity the syracuse chiefs...or not?

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