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Reebok gettin into the throwback game`


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Indeed, they really have made nothing but substandard replicas, and worse, they bastardized the coloring of the authentics, taking away the innate differences between teams with similar pallate to increase profit margin.

Now i feel queesy i even posted it.


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JQK, I agree with you.

LeBron's team had the adidas contract, but the contract expired before his final season ended. At that time, LeBron started wearing Nike.

As far as shoes go, I will take Reebok over Nike every time. Nikes run very narrow, and I have had many ankle problems form wearing them. I have not worn Nike shoes for 18 years, and will continue to avoid them in the future. I have worn Reebok almost exclusively since, except for a few years ago when they were hard to find (just before the Iverson models came out). I have worn adidas as wekk, and those are also very comfortable.

I think Reebok is better than Nike for footwear, but apparel is a different story. But doesn't Reebok only put their names on the  replicas and authentics? Who actually manufactures them? I thought it was Wilson.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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