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New Orleans Saints


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The piping strikes me as very collegiate, like an Under Armour template or something, and I think maybe you could use a touch up here or there to make it look a little more "professional".

The number font looks good, but could really use an outline.

My favorite thing are the black pants, with the stripe and logo inside, although a white outline might help a little.

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Let's see....lose the piping, scratch the "gold" jersey - it didn't work the last time they tried - keep the old number font. I do LOVE the leg stripe with the Louisiana logo on the hip....nice nod to the past unis.

I know, I really basically told him to go back to what they have now....but I like what they have now and don't think it needs changing. That being said, it is one of the better concepts I've seen. The changes were too drastic. But I REALLLY hate the piping on ANY unis.

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Must be Saints day...

I like the gold pants but not the gold jerseys. Also the single black stipe on the helmet looks good with the gold pants.

White numbers on the black jerseys would be better.

Nice job.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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