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Pac 10 Footy Series Final Part


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the last two posts in this series, the first response was "what's footy?" so I'll tell ya in advance so nobody asks in this one: australian football. now without further ado, the first four parts of the series:

Washington and Washington State

Oregon and Oregon State

Stanford and Cal


and now we're in the fifth and final part of the series. in the great state of Arizona you'll find a lot of heat with little humidity, a talkbox-using mexican rapper, a football stadium whose naming rights are owned by a university with no campus, a former heavyweight champ who has pet tigers, and a transplanted girl named Bear. ah yeah, them devils that be comin out that sun and them cats that be goin wild too...so here we go. First up, the Arizona Wildcats:



and next up, the ASU Sun Devils:



U of A: I used their desert/hills logo, as I did a few years ago for a hockey concept. Strangely enough, someone had suggested a sand or vegas gold alt. Different sport, admittedly, but I finally got around to it with the sand clash.

ASU: there is a real life ASU footy team, and their jumper is very similar to the home (replace the sun devil I used with the baseball team's AS, mainly). the away is basically the footy version of the Lewiston Maineiacs' alts.

C & C smell good.

edit: oh crap...I just now noticed I forgot to change the font on the Arizona home jumper...dammit. eh well, we fix it.

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