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making a t-shirt..


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So.. this could either be really helpful for me, or confuse the hell out of everyone else.

I'm making these T-Shirts for my youth group..


so its not the design I have a question about..

I want to get them printed..

as you hopefully can tell I'm going for an 80's/90's theme so.. I want the text/graphics to be raised off the shirt.. with that foamy material found on shirts back in the day.. do print shops still do that? what is it called? is its super exspensive? any help at all?

If you need better clarification I'll try..

thanks a ton in advance.

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Printing gets cheaper as the quantity goes up. Right now, you're looking at a 5 color shirt with an underbase (absolutely needed, because of the dark shirt). For normal inks, at the screenprinter I used to work for, that design on a standard black t-shirt would cost you (if you ordered less than 36, with 12 being the minimum order) about $4.20 per shirt, plus $15 per screen used. I'm guessing the white (underbase) would only be applied once to save on screen costs, so your screen charge would be either $75 or $90, plus the cost of the shirts.

I'm sure a puffy ink or flocking would be considerably more expensive.

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You can probably buy your T-shirts for slightly cheaper at Michaels (or a similar craft store if you don't have that in the Seattle area), my girlfriend and I did some custom T-shirts for our hurling team, and we ended up paying about 3-4 bucks per shirt. As for the cost of the screenprinting, Joel's estimation seems about right.

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