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Honolulu Whales


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Hey all,

So here's what I came up with for a friend's fantasy football club, the Honolulu Whales. I went for tropical colours, and I used a Humpback Whale, as they are commonly found around Hawaii. I did a custom script design for the wordmark, which I'm not totally satisfied with yet, and I was having trouble with ideas for an alternate logo (I bounced around using Diamond Head, a Tiki god statue, flowers, all of which I couldn't decide how they related to Whales). Anyway, I'm open to suggestions, comments, critique are all welcome. Without further ado:


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The "Honolulu" looks very awkward on the full logo and top wordmark. You could possibly shift the the light blue part of the wave at the bottom of the full logo and fit it in there somehow. I would leave it out of the Whales wordmark alltogether.

That aside, the colours are great and I love the depiction of the whale, at its most majestic.

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real nice.

one of the more original designs for a while.

the honolulu looks out of place. font too industrial, looks like data trash or something.

i dont think it needs any of the outlines. the colours are nice but outlining things numerous times

(as is very popular on teh board) distracts from the illustrative, hand drawn quality of the logo.

try one without it. perhaps use the colour in the text.


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really nice, gordie - i absolutely LOVE the pose of the whale...perfect

i'm with everyone else on the "honolulu" feeling a bit out of place, but i'm not sure where you could put it that it would feel any more natural...

i also agree with davidson re: the multiple outlines...i think you've got one too many (the red), but i like the way the red really makes the yellow pop a bit more

lastly, there is a line at the top of the logo (on the jaw) where the jaw takes a strong dip and then ends abruptly at a sharp angle...it seems a little out of place with the rest of the curves in the logo and my eye is drawn to it immediately...maybe you could smooth that out some?

fantastic work!

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This concept it solid.

I love your custom script--very Hawaiian--but I see why you're not quite happy with it. I think you're close a few tweaks and you'll be there. I wish I could give you more specific advice, but I'm not sure how to improve it either. The "Honolulu" font is great too. I think that style of lettering provides a good distinction from the script and still maintains it's Hawaiian-ness. I think it would looke a lot better if you put more space between "Honolulu" and "Whales." I like the triple outline. It's not overdone and having red as the outer color helps define the overall package.

The logo is well rendered. I love the idea of the tail, but it needs to be redone I think. I kinda looks like some sort of dolphin if you look at it from a certain angle. Keep the basic tail, but adjust the definition lines to make it slightly less ambiguous.

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