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Boston Bombers


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Waits for Maz to post the token "Save in .jpg, it will look cleaner." reply. (Jus' playin', Maz :D )

Ok, right now you have a missile or a bomb, but the team name is Bombers. The logo right now seems to suit a team called the Destroyers or something. I'm sure you could come up with something, but maybe this will help. Tinker with that circle in the background and see if you can make it look like a target. You know, like the missile/bomb was going to land on target. I think by doing that, the background would look less plane. Also, maybe take the wordmark off the missile, put it on the outside of the circle, ala Oakland A's, Boston Red Sox, Seattle Mariners, etc. If you do that, I'd say put some detail into the missile. As the logo stands right now, it is somewhat plain, but this is a good starting point and I'd like to see if you can crank anything else out with this.

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What I might do is make the bomb shorter so that it will less like a missile and more like a bomb. I did a Google image search for bombs like these and many of them looked the same. I re-drew one of the images I've looked at and this is what I came up with.

You should notice that I tilted the bomb while coming up with this logo. I wanted to put speed lines above the bomb facing downward so that it would look like it's falling down on something. I'm not sure if you'd like to see that or not.

As for the circle, my original idea was to include a target behind the bomb. Didn't think it would work when I had the target, so I was left with this circle in the end. I could bring back the target and see what you think.

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