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All of the above answers are correct, but I was looking for the answer "They're both named Ted Williams".

Ted on the left is pictured in his Williamsport Bills uniform from 1989 and Ted on the right is pictured in his Navy uniform from 1943.

BTW, did Ted on the left ever make the majors? :)

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Wow, I didn't even know that

I think he got the "y's guys" switched up (yzerfan as opposed to yhollander) My "kitchen" answer above was taken from the episode of Cheers where Cliff went on Jeopardy, built up a huge lead and then made the unnecessary and boneheaded move of wagering all of his money on Final Jeopardy.  He didn't know the answer (ok, question) and so he put "Who are three people who have never been in my kitchen."

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