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I've always loved the silver helmets.

I'm not feelin' that gray.

The font isn't too bad. Might change the color, or lighten up the gray.

The shoulder striping needs the Seahawk (at least to me it does).

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ooohhh, as a Seahawks Fan I couldn't bear a design like this. No color is more BLAH than gray. And when one of youre main colors, youre entire road jersey, and the pants are gray, it just screams "BORING"

No seahawks anywhere either. Font is strange. Love the blue helmets, they look so good on freary fall seattle days. The gray doesnt do the same for me

Sorry man, i dont mean to be mean, but im really having troubles with this set.

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Those are great, I've played with something like this for a while. All I'd do is drop the tacky silver jersey for a white version, and change those gray socks to maybe green or striped-the Lions showed us last decade that gray socks don't work. Overall a vast improvement.

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Noble attempt, but wide of the mark.

If that gray is, in fact, gray, then it's going to be dreary as all hell. If that gray represents silver, then it's going to be cheezy as all hell. Metallic jerseys simply do not work. For one, the color of the fabric NEVER matches the metallic color of the helmet or the pants. So the Hawks would be wearing as many as 3 shades of silver, all kinda similar but different enough to be noticeable.

Moreover, you need a white jersey. That's a given. You couldn't wear that gray/silver business as a white jersey. Not that you'd want to.

The gray numbers on navy are drab. You've gone ahead and darkened the electric royal blue of days gone by. That in and of itself is a step backward - every team wears navy now. Navy is the new black. But that royal blue was lively and looked so good back in the day. You could've gotten away with a gray number on such a lively blue. But gray on navy looks like it's damp and moldy. There's just no life in the set. Which is a shame, because going back to blue and green was the first step back to nice uniforms for the Seahawks.

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