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Rick Barry Scavenger Hunt


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From The Basketball Almanac: A Daily Celebration, p.255 (September 3 Trivia):

"When the Warriors traded Rick Barry to the Rockets in 1978, he found himself in a dilemma. He no longer could wear his No. 24, as it belonged to Houston's Moses Malone. Barry solved the problem by wearing the No. 2 at home games and the No. 4 on the road."

My challenge to you (anyone) is to find proof of Barry wearing these numbers. According to my research, the two only played together for two years, seeing as Barry retired after the 1979-80 NBA season.

Any proof would be great, including game photo, game video, or just photos of him in his two jerseys.

I have never heard of a story like that before in my life and would love it if someone could find out about that.

(I'm also looking for someone wearing the 1997 Bucks green alternate jersey with the purple gradient, but unless you want extra credit, we can save that for another time.)

This is for a basketball retrospective I am working on about the NBA's 50 Greatest Players.

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That's certainly a true story; I remember that well. I'll have to look for photographic proof.

I'm sure we can find some pics of Bucks players wearing the old Hunter Green alt...I know that I've got a Bucks' media guide with Glenn Robinson wearing it.

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OK...I found a B&W pic of Barry wearing #2 (home uni) for the Rockets, and in the 1980-1981 Houston Rockets Roster section, it has him listed as wearing '2-4'.

I'll try to get a scan of it and post it tomorrow.

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