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Panthers... what if


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This is a very interesting little project you've got going, but I think you need to do a bit more research and take some more time making these. Here are my criticisms of each uniform:

1962-1971: Pretty good overall, but I would have considered ditching black altogether and presenting the team with only white and blue. More sleeve stripes would probably be more accurate for the times (think old Eagles jerseys). Logo is good.

1972-1991: Your sleeve stripes are more modern than what they currently have, so that's a mistake. I like the introduction of silver and the subtle update to the logo. Not sure I agree with the C logo under the collar.

1992-2015: Nothing to say since it's what they currently wear. I think they'll change it before 2015, though.

2016- : This looks like a 2007 uniform to me. Very nice design, but not all that futuristic (at least compared to what we are seeing on the Cardinals and Vikings today). One thing you really should have included is a custom number font, since most teams include them in redesigns these days. I would have preferred a black helmet (I think that's where the Panthers are going next) and maybe even blue pants (or black pants, since the Panthers are one of the only teams that could pull off an all-black look). An original helmet/sleeve logo would have been nice, too.

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Personally, I think that the 1992-2015 uniforms are more modern than the 2016- uniforms. Perhaps consider switching the two or altering the design on one or both of them. This is a cool project, I'd love to see a set for the Browns, even though their uniforms are still somewhat close to the ones in their early history.

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The first thing Imma say to you this this: WAY TO BE ORIGINAL.

And I mean that in a good way...taking expansion franchises and fabricating a "uniform history". It's an idea I thought of a long time ago but never acted on...and oddly enough, it was for the Jaguars, as well.

Speaking of those Jags...those spots are hard to work with, and what you did with them in your "future" set in the other thread may be just about the best interpretation of those spots I've seen so far with a Jaguars concept.

Now, on to this one here...your future set is one that, if the Panthers were going to "modernize", I could see happening. It ain't the most mind-bending concept out there, but, it still works for what it works for, and that's not a bad thing.

Now...allow me to offer up a challenge for you: thinking up a pre-1976 concept for the Seattle Seahawks...you can do it, can't you? :D

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I think everything looks too modern for its times (meaning 1962-1991 altogether) for one, i dont think a "C" would look like that, the stripes and "C" logo on the 1972-1991 uni would be extremely unlikely for that timeframe, and I think that an older, more vintage looking panther logo would fit better for the timeframe of 1962-1991.

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