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Oklahoma Sooners Question


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Hey guys. Did Oklahoma change their uniforms several years ago, where they had sleeve stripes (I want to say that "Sooners" was removed from the jerseys)? I think it might have been before the Bob Stoops era. Does anyone happen to have pictures of these?


Yes, they had a couple of plain white sleeve stripes during the mid-90's. Also, the pants still had the thin crimson stripes in addition to an "OU" logo on the hip. Here are some photos from the 1995 Bedlam game...





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The current unis are great with one exception - the away jersey should say Oklahoma instead of Sooners. It did at one time, don't know why they changed it back.


DoafHat Thanks for showing those pictures of the Cowboys in the first win in a long time against the Sooners in 1995, I still have a license plate with the 12-0 score on it. Schnellenberger was fond of stripes on uniforms. Before and after that, the Sooners did not have those since the Bud Wilkerson days I think. Just like at Louisville, with the line " We're on a collision course with the National Championship, where the only variable is time." Not knocking him because if it was not for him, U of L was ready to drop the football program. He was a savior here. But to get back on track, the stripes were not right on the Crimson and Cream. I was surprised he didn't change their helmets to white like he did at U of L. He is fond of white helmets. By the way, the OSU pants are a little different than I remember. Was that just for one year?

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