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Miami Dolphins Concept


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I suppose you could call this a Cardinals-esque update. Darker blue. Leaner, meaner dolphin because he is jumping at a different angle than the current, and not straight up in the air. 'Miami' on the rump of the pants.


For comparison:


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sorry, i'm not liking this one. you've got skills, but i just don't think any of your changes are for the better here.

1) darker blue... why? the other blue was plenty dark... this one just looks black.

2) new angle of jumping does nothing for me... the other makes it look like he's jumping up... this one almost looks like he's falling on his face.

3) also, isn't there an nfl rule about sock color? i think they have to be white. so the navy/black socks wouldn't work.

4) the numbers... i didn't think it was going to be possible to take the dolphins drop shadow numbers, and make them look more muddy and complicated, but this accomplishes it. just a regular old block would work wonders.

5) the design is really cool and futuristic, and i appreciate it... but the stripes run through the nameplate, that's a no-no. not only does it make it harder to read the names, but it just looks bad.

on a lesser, non-numbered note, i'd make the MIAMI ass on the white pants teal, instead of orange.

also, i prefer the sun in the logo. it just looks more balanced and nice on a helmet than it does without the sun.

it's very well executed, but if the dolphins released these as uniforms, i'd immediately say they tried to do too much and ended up with a bengalesque mess.

also, the new font for the M on the helmet makes it look like he's wearing an albino M&M with a face mask attached... a new font, i don't mind... just not the one you chose.

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The wordmark should be dominated by teal, not navy. I also believe the dolphin logo looks like it is falling on its face. The nameplate will cut off the wrap around striping.

With that said, the number treatment is nice. The darker navy I think improves the aforementioned muddiness of the current sets colors. I'm not sure how I like the orange face mask.

Overall, I don't know if Dolphin fans will appreciate it, but this design should be utilized by an NFL team IMO. Nice work as always.

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I like it except for a few flaws:

1) I'd prefer an aqua facemask.

2) The jersey piping should curve up more to connect on the back, above the nameplate

3) Butt-piping works here, but the script doesn't.

Everything else is really cool. B+

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On the dolphin at the very top of your graphic, the "M" looks like it came straight off an M&M.

The butt stripe and wordmark...um, no.

All in all, really the only thing I found appealing was the shoulder stripes, which are pretty cool except for infringing on the nameplate. The collar colors should match the shoulder stripes too.

Nothing else here is working for me.

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Thanks for the feedback. The piping running into the nameplate was a cause of pure laziness/carelessness.

I see the M&M copyright infringement having its way with the helmet on the dolphin.

I thought the dolphin was jumping--face flat into the endzone! That's what I was going for.

And the current Fins wordmark is dominated in white. I liked it without the sun because it was more just dolphin, nothing else.

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Also, even if the dolphin does look as though he's falling face-flat, he would be falling face flat into nothing but water. Or the endzone, in Miami's case.

Not in today's game though. Go Skins!

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with all the piping, i hafta wonder...is this a Dolphins concept or a Hurricanes concept???

Haha. I was wondering the exact same thing. It looks too much like a Hurricanes concept, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

But in this case, it is. I have to reiterate that the navy is way too dark, and there is too much of it used as well. I have never liked the Dolphins using navy, and would much like to see them use as least of it as possible. The pants striping, although creative, just doesn't go with the Dolphins for me. The jersey striping I can live with, but that's about it. I'm not a fan of the numbers or the wordmark either.

I would like to see something more classy, and more oriented at the aqua and orange color scheme like the past.

You got mad skills man, and your other concepts have been killer, but I'm just not feeling this. Great job anyway though!

BTW, is it just me or does the font on the helmet the dolphin is wearing make it look as if he's wearing an m&m?

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this isnt bad from a skills/artistic view, but as for an actual miami dolphins get-up, i think itd be one of the worst looking sets in the nfl. might look "cool" on paper to some but itd look waaay overdone on the field. Simple looks in good taste are the way to go IMO. On the other hand i think the logo is cool, but if it were rotated a bit to the current angle, and added the orange circle/sun behind it, it could be an improvement.

Again, you def have ability, but this one is a big miss.

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Got to say

1. Kill the Dark Blue Don't like it in the current Uniform.

2. The Butt Stripe doesn't work for the Cane's and can't see the Dolphins adding it ever.

3. The Name on the BUTT there not little Juicy Girls so names on the butt.

4. The Darl Bule Sock NOPE

The rest is a nice look

I like the shoulder stripes and the numbers The helmet dolphin with out the sun is good Also.

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Nice logo, But theres important things to know that would really improve the rest of the concept.

1-Add a sun behind the dolphin, it has always been there.

2-Make the jersey traditional instead of over-the-top, this team looks best with something simple.

3-No 3D numbers.

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