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CreamerSports is pleased to announce that two more boards have been added to this wonderful community.

Both boards are fantasy leagues...

Professional Football Alliance

True North Football Federation

With the addition of these two leagues CreamerSports now has TEN fantasy leagues under its belt.

Good work guys, you all rock!

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Continental Football Association (Coal Miners)

United League (Redmen)

Independent Hockey League (Pirates)

International Basketball Association (Bears)

Arena Football Association (Industrials)

True North Football Federation (Legionaires)

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MLF/PFA? (Kansas Comets)

United Lacross League (Topeka Tin Man)

Independent Hockey League (Hartford Whalers)

International Basketball Association (Topeka Sizzlers)

Arena Football Association (Topeka Kings)

True North Football Federation (Toronto Touqes)

Continental League (Oklahoma City Stampede)

Fantasy College (Western Kansas University)

GEEEEEZ, and i have a life. :D

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Well if we're listing--it's only one so far--so I'll see how it goes with that and then I'll decide on applying for expansion, taking over an existing team, new league, etc (although if there turns out to be interest in that 3rd baseball league you never know)

Calgary Peregrines True North Football Federation-


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In order of origin:

St. Louis Browns - CL

St. Louis Greyhounds (Co-Owner)- AFA

St. Louis Aeros - PFA

Toronto Touqes (Co-Owner) - TNFF

That's enough for me, especially since I am going to be busy setting up the PFA and serving as its commissioner for at least its first year.

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