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Vic's Weird Observations 2.0


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I just noticed something a few weeks ago. Did the Louisville Cardinals purposely put what resembles a basketball in the logo's mouth? Example:


If you look at how his teeth are drawn, there seems to be a basketball shape.

Let's make this a thread for subtle additions to logos that take a while to see (leaving out obvious ones like retro Brewers).

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Wow! Maybe we just found out the reason Louisville hasn't won a basketball championship since... um... was it Denny Crum in the 80's?.... Because they've been playing with football shaped basketball. I see a football, more than a basketball. Ah, yet it does explain why they gave up what, like 40 some-odd points on Thursday, the basketball team was out there. Good defense guys!

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my weird observation is that it's a bird with teeth.

that's messed up. i don't see any basketball or anything... but why does it have teeth to begin with?

So it looks angry. You tell me if you were chased by a cardinal with a set o' chompers you wouldn't be scared s***less.

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