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Springfield Cardinals Championships and Playoffs


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I posted a few months ago, my design that we used for our First Half Champions shirts, which has since been used on baseball cards, pennants, baseballs... Well, I also did our 2nd Half Champions design, as well as 2 playoff tees we sold here during the first round. I just finished our North Division Champions one, which are being printed (we swept Tulsa in the first round, 3-0). Well, we now face San Antonio in the Texas League Championship series, and I've been annointed to do the shirts again, which, this time, would be the official on-field shirts given to the team, should they win it. I'm not posting it yet, because I don't want to "leak" it prematurely. Though I have been asked to bring back the "Champions Script" with the Sluggerbird/C logo from the First Half Champs design. But here's what I've done so far with the others:

First Half Champions:


2nd Half Champions:


The 2 Playoffs:


And the North Division Champions (ended having to rush this a bit, so it's not quite as good as I wanted to make it, but Springfield's GM, Matt Gifford seemed to be pleased with it.)


I may post some of my "rejected" Texas League Champions ones, but I'll have to wait and see once I have the actual one finished. I've stayed up many a late nights over the last couple of weeks. That, coupled with some long and late days here at the ballpark, and I've gone with an extreme lack of sleep. Oh well.

Let it fly (C&C that is)

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