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NHL T-Shirts!


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I've lately been on in a creative mood, so I decided to make some NHL t-shirt graphics. Here's five of what I have so far.






And, on a personal note.... I have always loved the Canucks skate logo. :)

EDIT: Alright, the word 'conference' has been correctly spelled now!

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I remember t-shirts like these when i was in elementary school and early in highschool back in the 90's. Not sure if that font and the gradient in them look all that great, but hey as a throw back t-shirt to that era, these would rock.

Sort of off topic, i have bought a ton of the NHL t-shirts off nhl.com, the ones with the team on the front and the player name and number on the back. This is about as close as it gets for me wearing anything remotely like a jersey (the rbk ones fit nice though, i'm gonna buy a few of those). If you go to the nhl shop online and see it, you'll know what i mean.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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