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Skins to wear throwbacks in Week 3

Blue Falcon

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We get it. You don't like them.

Can we all please stop insulting our fellow posters now?

nobody is insulting anybody. can't you read.

If any of you want to claim someone is insulting you just because they say they dont like retro uniforms, then maybe I should start accusing anyone who talks about how much they like retro uniforms.

Turnabout is only fair play now, isn't it?

oh and sparlll....oh it doesnt matter what your name is, just because I choose not to waste time contriving all these rediculous numbers doesn't make my facts regarding the 49ers uniforms any less true than yours. Think about it, what percentage of a fanbase of hundreds of thousands of people that reaches far beyond the San Francisco Bay Area does the several hundred that sign a petition equate to? Simple mathematics there rookie, and as a result your claims and whatever numbers you put out have as little if not less ground to stand on than any of my arguments. If I really wanted to I can pull out merchandise sales figures and how the current jerseys outsell the retro jerseys by a wide margin. That is something you can't deny. So give your argument a rest and your stay here will be much more comfortable.

you may now return to your regularly scheduled gushfest. thank you.

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I got all excited thinking that this was the Burgundy Spear helmet/jersey set that they wore a few years ago.

Excitement extinguished! :mad:

I can't stand the yellow 'R' helmets. Next to the "big feather up the middle of the helmet" look from God know's when, THIS look ranks up there as one of the worst in Redskin throw back history.

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I like the Lombardi-era throwbacks, but they would look better with the dark tops. Of course, I realize Joe Gibbs is almost allergic to anything other than a white jersey at home.

Joe Gibbs suffers from a rare condition known as Blandboringuniformitis. The first indication of this disorder was when he took over the Skins in 1981 and stated that he didn't like the burgundy jersey/white pants look...thereby forcing fans to watch the Skins wear the white jersey/burgundy pants combo for 13-15 games out of 16 every season. Football fans everywhere were enraged at not being able to tell whether the Skins were playing at home or not on TV, and accused him of trying to copy the Cowboys. But he won a few Super Bowls so people shut up.

Gibbs likely contracted this disease while an assistant coach with the Chargers, who wore white at home from 1978-83, rarely ever showing off their beautiful blue jerseys. When Gibbs returned in 2004, he proved that he had not yet recovered from Blandboringuniformitis when he ditched the burgundy jerseys AGAIN, which had been worn at home from 2001-2003 for the most part.

But Gibbs condition worsened in 2005, when he suddenly declared that he didn't like the burgundy pants either, and the Skins went to the all-white look, which they had not had since the early 60s. It is likely that Clinton Portis' arrival in DC aggravated Gibbs' condition, as he was a lobbying force behind the all-white look. (Of course, Portis is likely suffering from something too, as he wanted to put 45 stripes on the Redskins' socks...)

Gibbs finally brought back the burgundy pants in 2006 when the so-called 'luck' of the all-white unis had run out. But he harbors an irrational hatred of the spear throwback uniforms, and didn't want the Radio Shack throwbacks either...unless the Skins could wear the white jerseys with them at home, which the 1970-71 Skins never did. :cursing:

There is no known cure for this condition.

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That's the helmet.

It's used as a "home jersey" in Madden 08 though. Stupid EA.

Maybe they should've made that the "alternate away jersey" in Madden 08, sacrificing the all white combo in the process.

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Related to this uni/helmet... Lombardi came to Washington after Green Bay. In Green Bay he used a "G", but in Washington he used an "R". Any reason they didn't use a "W"?

That could help to diffuse some of the criticism the team gets for their nickname. If they were to eliminate the head, feathers, arrows etc from their logo and just use a "W" instead, they could keep the name, uniforms, colors etc. and still make a lot of people happier.

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