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Special unis for LSU-Tulane game?

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Yeah, they actually go to school to learn. Not sure what the 30k+ do in Baton Rouge, though...

If Tulane had a competitive football program, students would go to the games. Tulane's strenuous academic standards aren't keeping them out of the Dome. It isn't even a top 50 school.

As for Tulane and City Park, they would be better off demolishing Gormley and and build a new Gormley Stadium. It's structurally sound, but I'd much prefer Tulane play in a real College stadium, not in a repainted high school stadium.

The only justification for tearing down Gormley would be to get rid of the track and move the seats closer to the field. I don't think Tulane wants to pay to start from scratch. That is why Gormley is their best option. You know the stadium they are in is too big when they play LSU and still can't sell the game out.

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