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The 5

In 5..4..3..2..1

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Hmmm.. This is intresting.

1. Colts (Look. What the Pats did is good and by beating the ever loving crap out of the Jets.. Even with some help. Illegal help mind you. What the Colts did on Thursday night was... oh, I dunno, shut down the feared Saints offense. That means more in my book)

2. Chargers (The game against Chicago is proof that if L.T. ever has another day where he only get 25 yards on the ground, they can still beat you)

3. Patriots (I'm docking them because of the whole sign stealing crap. Even though they won on Sunday, you just don't condone any sort of cheating whatsoever)

4. Bengals (What Cincy did on Monday night is a great morale booster for them. Oh, and who didn't love Ocho Cinco bringing out the HOF Jacket. That is classic!)

5. Seahawks (I might sound biased, but from what I see in the NFC after Week 1, my 'Hawks might be the best team. Dallas did well, I know, but the defense was godawful against second stringers and Chicago felt the wrath of the Gross-Man in San Diego)

On the Cusp: Cowboys, Titans, Vikings, Steelers.

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1.Colts (Any Question?)

2.Chargers (Shut down the Bears)

3.Bengals (They got lucky with so many turnovers, but still looked great vs. Baltimore)

4.Bears (Sure they lost, but they played the mighty Chargers)

5.Seahawks (Barely make the list)

Pats drop off because of the cheating.

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1: Colts (shredded the Saints' D and held Reggie Bush w/o a score)

2: Chargers (handed Chicago their 2nd straight loss in a meaningful game)

3: Packers (beat the Eagles w/o a single offensive TD)

4: Cowboys (Romo shreds Giants' D, erases all doubt that he's the man in Dallas)

5: Bengals (put on a show against the strong but aging Ravens' D)

Honorable mention: Texans (shut down Larry Johnson, produce two long-bomb TDs)

DQ: Patriots (for cheating)

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Before Week 1

1. Patriots

2. Chargers

3. Saints

4. Colts

5. Ravens

After Week 1

1. Colts - after they manhandled the Saints in the second half

2. Chargers - solid game against a good Bears squad

3. Patriots - beat the Jets, would still be number 1, but they get docked for illegal actions

4. Bengals - Big defensive stand to beat the Ravens

5. Cowboys - Tony Romo looked great, watch out NFC.

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