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KC Royals logo concept


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It's been a long time since I've posted a logo concept over here, but I had an idea for a modernized Royals logo (and hats, home and away, respectively). I decided to use royal, navy, and gold for the color scheme. The idea was to create something that was modern and dynamic, but with strong ties to their history... let me know what you think.


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I like it, don't get me wrong, but the 'k' and the 'c' look familiar...


I thought the same exact thing.

I thought the same thing, anyone else notice it seems as if the Colonel got an adidas sponsorship? Is he having a hard time paying the bills?

I also like the royals logo, nice modern update without going overboard . Yet it still stays similar to the old one. Might be better with the same KC?

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Very sharp. Nicely done on a technical level.

But I agree with the others -- the absolute first thing your logo made me think of was Colonel Sanders. Hopefully, his little restaurant will never catch on nationally, and your logo will look original instead of derivative.

Kidding aside, it's the K what does this in. That's just too familiar a letterform, and it's not just KFC. All around the world you'll find little fried-chicken restaurants using a similar-shaped K to rip off the KFC identity. I've seen such fine establishments as K Fried Chicken, Kamchatka Fried Chicken, Kolonel Fried Chicken, and even once a place called K Tennessee Chicken in my travels. That general shape of K kind of means "fried chicken" in today's marketplace.

That said, I still don't like this logo as a cap logo. Again, on account of the K. I've just never thought that kind of sharp, rectangle-y serif looks good on a cap logo. That's a printed-page letterform, not an embroidered-clothing letterform. To my eye, anyway.

What I do love about your design is the way the K cuts into the C. That little element is a huge upgrade over the current KC logo. It's the kind of subtle element that really sets great logos apart from good ones, so kudos on your keen eye there.

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