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Central Florida's new unis


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Oh, wait -- their football uniforms? Uh ...


So... they dropped "Golden" from Golden Knights, yet they're de-emphasizing the BLACK?

The unis ain't bad... they could use some gold pants tho...

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I'm sorry but they definitely need to match the helmet strip with the pants and keep the black, gold, and away jerseys. But I don't like the uni that I see at all. For the away uni, they should always wear gold pants. I'm afraid their uni's will look the same home and away if they wear the gold jersey. Well everything is gonna look ugly whenever they play Texas.

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Aren't those pretty much last year's uniforms (same generic adidas "slash" template as used by Louisville, Northwestern and others for the past 4-5 years) with the new logo on chest under the collar? Only the helmet is really new.

Also that vegas gold is really too pale to use on white without any additional trim - the numbers look okay with the black border but the pant and jersey stripes really blend in to the white.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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