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Bedfordshire Blue Raiders history concept


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The closest american football team to me is in the next county, Bedfordshire. They have just startd up and played their 1st game last Sunday, winning 18-8! Anyway, inspired by the 'Jaguars...what if?' thread, I decided to create a little history, as if the Blue Raiders had been about since 1970. The reason I chose the brighter blue and yellow to begin with is because thats what the uniforms have. However, oddly, the helmets and pants are gold. And the logo has navy in it. So I changed to navy/gold for the 3rd incarnation. I just searched Google for the logos, but I had alot of tidying up to do on them, as well as adding the colour. Reason I didnt create them myself is because this is just for funsies...

For reference, here is the current logos and script....


As this is just something I did to occupy myself, I'd still like some C&C on this but I probably wont share the changes here. Just thought I'd share it with the group :-)

Anyway here goes....

1970 to 1988 - Raiders turn out for the first full season in bright blue and yellow. Logo is a simple depiction of a Raider.

1988 to 1999 - Raiders go for a logo change, modernising the first logo, and changing the hat to a more realistic black. The blue was moved down to the bandana, and the knife was removed. Stripes and numbers were added to the helmets and for the first time, yellow was included in the jerseys.

2000 to 2002 - To kick off a new millenium, Raiders changed the colours from bright blue and yellow to a navy and gold. The uniforms were a hit with the fans, however the cartoon like logo was not, and within 2 years the Raiders were forced to change...

2002 to now - The familiar block numbers returned to the uniforms, and the disliked cartoon raider was gone. Raiders reverted back to the much loved 88 to 99 logo, although the colours were changed to navy and gold and the skull and crossbones were modernised. The white and gold stripes on the helmet were also swapped around.


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