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Tweaks at St. Norbert


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St. Norbert College (D III, Midwest Conference, best known as training camp host for the Packers) has tweaked its logo - the Green Knight has a slightly different stance, and there are new wordmarks and increased use of the fleur-de-lis (which is the helmet insignia in football).

The old:


The new :


The college is also changing its seal to include its motto and some other tweaks, but I don't have a copy.

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I know I'm nit picking, but I'm not a fan of the knight facing left and there's something just a little weird about the way the knight is rendered. It is almost like his chest is sticking out too much. Overall it is a much better modernization, although I like the idea of the interlocking 'n' & 's' on the old logo, especially when its on the shield. Works much better in the old logo.

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I applied for a coaching job there a couple years ago and my first thought was "that logo needs updating... STAT!"

Much better than the old one, no doubt. As for the shield/O issue... meh. Could care less. All I know is this is a definite upgrade.

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