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Rest of 2008 MLB Changes

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it can be the new Rays uniforms and logos ???

it's so boring... minor league soccer team have a better identity !

who's the designer ? did the rays organisation find him in Tchetchenia or it's Santa's elf (because of the christmas star on the R) ?????

seriously, everyone can do better than that !!!

i remember all the great concept on the redesign the rays topics.

Green was so unused in the MLB... why changed for this stuff ???

and they need 2 years of reflexion for that ??? it makes me sick !!!!!!!!!!

Ok for removing the "devil" (too long name) but the new wordmark is so classicly boring.

and the logo looks so unprofessional.

want to change colors... why not ? just ad old gold to the green and black like the Dallas Stars and you got a great color scheme.

thanks god i have the current Home, road & BP jersey (+ hats).

i will spend no money for this new stuff... flavorless !!!

if it's really the final new Rays identity, my only hope is a relocation to New Orléans in few years with New logos, name & uniforms who really kicks ass!!!!

Louisiana Cajuns !!!

Geaux Tigers !


Only problem is there isn't a good major league stadium nor the money to build one here. Zephyr Field sucks and Turchin would be way too small (even though it is nice).

By the way, LSU sucks (even though you guys are going to royally kick our asses next weekend)

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