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"Double Jersey Stripe" Sig Series


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Well now that we have turned to avys, can you make a Flyers, Eagles, Sixers, Phillies, and Penn State one, then I can piece it together to make it animated.






BTW andysoccer12, I really hope you actually use this, because these take a while to make, and so far I have made like 10 sigs/avs for you on this thread, and you have used 0.

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Could I still get two sigs?

Cleveland Browns (Dawg logo) and Cleveland Cavs?

If not that's cool.



I dont know if u were intending to make the '99-'06 browns striping or not, but the only difference is, there are no brown trim stripes in between the orange and white stripes on the brown uni. Fill the brown trim with white and it's perfect :]].

[the whites stripes are suppose to be a little thicker than the orange.]

Sorry, didn't know, looked on the Sportslogos.net website and this is what it showed. I will change it.

It's all good. I do that a lot too, I use sportslogos.net as one of my only resources, then i screw up. It happens. And that's not a hit at Chris or anything, we all know he's doin a great job with the site, and it's very hard to keep everything updated.

Btw, the update is perfect!

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could i possibly put in a request for a Nats sig using the white jersey and the red jersey (instead of the grey?) and i second the request for the Caps avatar! thanks a bunch.


thanks alot. is it possible that i could be a bit picky and make it the Curly W as the logo? that logo is making it harder to shrink down to fit into with the rest of my sigs. i really appreciate it.

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Awesome work...could I ask if you could do these on a black PNG with a 397 px width?


old school Knicks " roundball logo ('80's era)

NY Rangers

NY Giants

Trinidad & Tobago Soccer crest from '06 World Cup

US Soccer "dont tread on us" Nike Soccer crest

Houston Dynamo

Old school Astros "dome logo (rainbow stripes)

Houston Oilers

Houston Texans

Houston Rockets roundball logo ('93-'94 season main logo)

...P.S. Sorry for the list and no logos with post. I'm making this post from the mall while Wife hunts down every black Friday deal known to mankind. Thank god for my IPhone. Let me know if you need any help....

Thanks in advance!

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