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Eagles in Throwbacks


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The Lions - Egales game is on in my area today. They are wearing the canary yellow/sky blue set.

I love it, the satiny look is awesome, and I like the long blue striped socks. The shoulder yoke rules.

I hate the rule that says you need to have some white showing on your socks.

Go Iggles!

Interesting that two teams who have a green/white color scheme (Eagles, Jets) are throwing back to a yellow/blue set.

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They've gone retro (throwback, whatever you call it) with the field as well.

They replaced the midfield logo with a side view of the throwback helmet, and painted the endzones with yellow and a blue "Eagles" script.

I also finally heard an explaination to the lined endzone at Lambeau Field this year.

They're celebrating the 50th anniversary of Lambeau Field, so they went old-school endzones with anniversary logos. Looks great.

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I think they look horrid and every update we get from the STL/TB game, they comment on how ugly they are too.

... ugh.... those are hideous. These are what I call Throw-IT-backs! About the game, though, 56 points already scored between the teams. I wonder if they can out score the Cincy-Cleveland game last week.

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And yet nobody told the Lions that the proper opposing uniform was probably their blues, not their whites.

The Lions are stupid, as always.

OOH! I can name a time they weren't stupid! 2 Weeks ago. Beat the Raiders, who I happened to notice are both your avatar and signature. Clearly, not always stupid.

Although the correct ones were probably their blues, I assume they were told to bring their Whites.

That was a terrible game for me to watch because, 1: the Lions lost. Badly. 2: Did anyone notice how often the announcers brought up the throwbacks? It got annoying after a while. I really think they may have mentioned it every other play. It was like "and the Eagles are wearing throwbacks todays." "Good play by the Eagles, who are wearing blue and yellow throwbacks." "Nice touchdown by the blue and yellow clad Eagles." I GET IT. THEY'RE WEARING THROWBACKS.

I thought they looked fine. They were a little to bright, but, all in all, not that bad.

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Wow...those Eagles throwbacks look like they may just GLOW IN THE DARK.

IF those are to spec with the actual 1930-whatever year uniforms, then good on the Iggles for doing so. Either way it go...eh...they aiight, but I ain't really feeling those too much. Or maybe it's just because of the sunlight beaming off all that shiny material. Makes me wonder if the actual old sets had a flat matte finish to them...

...I bet those jokers, if they're on sale, are probably selling like gangbusters, just like the '62 Steelers throwback jerseys (which, by themselves, look damn cool, and, if I had the $300-$400 to put down on one, i'd pick one up).

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