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Word association game


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Should I close down the Word Game thread?  It's post padding galore in there.  I have no beefs with it, but I can't see it ever ending.

Feel free to give your opinions, and comments on the matter here.

Because I'm Switzerland, I have nulled my vote.

YES = kill the thread

NO = let it live

I'll close the poll on Super Bowl Eve... Sat. Jan 31.

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I say the thread should stay active if people dont wnat to post they can simply ignore it. The thread headlines are like TV channles if you dont like whats on you dont have to go in there.

If enough people dont want to go in there it will die on its own, which it wil eventuallu and after it dies this way one day it coudl be resurrected, if we get on a nostaligic kick.

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How abouts put a limit on this one? say when i gets to a certain number of osts, the game ends. how ever has the final post is the winner, or something like that

oooh, that would cause insane post padding, lol

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