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Tank stumper 1/29/04


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I. What 3 Quarterbacks led the Redskins to Super Bowl Championships?

II. Who had the worst record for any team ever to make it to the Super Bowl?

III. What two players had back to back kick returns for Touchdowns in Super Bowl XXV?

IV. What Packer WR was injured in Super Bowl I leading the way for Max McGee to enter teh game?

V. What penalty wiped out a TD for the Eagles in the early part of Super Bowl XV?

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1. Theisman, Williams, Rypien

2. The 9-7 Los Angeles Rams, Super Bowl XIV

3. do you means XXXV? One of them was Dixon for the Giants, i forget who it was for the Ravens, i try to forget that game as much as possible...

4. Boyd Dowler

5. I think it was Holding.

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Just to remind JQK, and to bring back painful memories( :P )the ravens returner was Jamal Lewis

Actually, I believe it was Jermaine Lewis. Jamal is the running back.

Well thats what happens when you have 3 Lewis' on one team, people get confused!!! I meant Jermaine!!

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I.  Joe Theismann, Doug Williams & Mark Rypien

II.  Los Angeles Rams, 9-7 in 1979

III.  Ron Dixon (NYG) and Jermaine Lewis (Balt.)

IV.  Boyd Dowler

V.  Illegal procedure on Eagles WR Harold Carmichael

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JQK got 4 and half out of 5 with Fuzeball adding Jermaine Lewis to complete III.

Dartlogo is right those returns were exciting it was actually 3 in a row since the play b4 was an INT return for a TD by the Ravens.

XXXV was a dull Super Bowl but those 90 seconds were excitng.

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I have to disagree with you on #5, Tank. The Eagles were flagged for illegal motion, not holding.

Couldn't have been illegal motion, that's a "before the snap" penalty, and no play takes place.

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This is from the official Super Bowl XV play-by-play:

1st Quarter

Philadelphia (5:28)

Oak 40 - 3rd & 10: Jaworski 40 pass to Parker deep, touchdown. Play nullified and Phil. penalized 5 for illegal motion (Carmichael).

I know illegal procedure or false start is blown dead immediately, but I don't think a motion penalty is. I remembered that the penalty was on Carmichael from watching the NFL Films Super Bowl Highlights.  The clip that you are thinking of is of assistant coach Dick Coury ranting "Dad burn rotten touchdown called back - was that on Harold, Dick?

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