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King's superfuntime event


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Hey.... after holding out for a while.. i decided to throw my dumb hat into the ring of Contest thingies... so i guess here we go...

For this inagural contest, We're gonna make a new identity for one of my favorite pastimes... Jagermeister (as seen by my avatar)

Now i love the jagermeister logo and label, and the bottle is quite cool as well, but i like to see what others imaginations can come up with, so i want you, the great people of the CCSLMB, to create a new identity for Jagermeister.

No rules, just create something and post it, First ten contestants are eligible, only 10.

(And if i see one post saying "i think there's enough contests on this board"... I KNOW.. ok.. i know, and i'm sure this one will be more annoyingthan most, so just shut up.. i pre-empted your complaint... so keep your mouths shut and just draw...)  :P  :;):

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Okay, I've got the ball rolling on my entry. I've just finished the logo, which is really a re-stylized version of their current one. Their logo is very recognizable and the branding is very strong, so changing the logo too much would be a harmful thing, in my opinion. I kept the colors remotely the same, only changing the brown to a dark brownish red. Smirnoff recently restylized their logo, so I thought I'd do the same. I'm still working on a bottle design, so for now, all I have to show is my logo. Check it out:


Jagermeister Logo

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Alright, the label is finished. I changed the colors of the logo to better suit the label. I basically took and cleaned up and stylized their current label to fit the restylized logo.

I tried to find out what everything on the label said, but I couldn't find a good picture. If someone can help me out and tell me what all it says, I'll update it. Otherwise this is it.

Hope you like it!


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Sweet idea, but of all liquors that need redesigning, this is NOT one of them, tis perfect as it is.

But Nitro, again your style is really sleek and powerful.  I think its really something that will make you a lot of money in the near future.

Well atleast enough to afford some tasty Goldshlager.

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