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Gold miners (mlf) unveils new logo


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One day after trading for quarterback Michael Vick and running back LaDanian Tomlinson, the San Jose Gold Miners will have a new look on the field.  Now they will have a completely new look in 2004.  The Gold Miners officially unveiled their new logo.  Complete with the same teal, gold, and black, but the teal is now midnight teal (Pantone 3155).



The Gold Miners helmet will have an "XFL style" striping to it with tapered stripes.


Uniforms will be unveiled at a later date according to team owner, Puckguy.  "We wanted to show a new look here in Teal Town USA and its a look we hope that everyone will like," says Puckguy.

"We looked at the logos in the MLF and noticed how our pick (similar to a T shape) looked close to Ontario and Milwaukee's logos.  So we recommended a change."

Ok, now discuss.  I want some comments on this.

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lol sorry but I just have to point out that befre I read your post, the top view stripes looked like a butt crack. :D

despite the logo being similar to the Berlin thunder, it is still very well done and the jax is incorprated into the logo very well. :)

edit - sorry it's 2 am here...

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