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Question for jrslapshot


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Where in the blue hell did you get your sig line from?  I can almost but not quite place it...

and bonus points to whoever knows where I stole my latest one from.

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Isn't that from Lewis Black's stand up routine. If you've never seen him, try to catch his Comedy Central stand up shows.

"All the candy corn in the world was made in 1912"

"you know what i could go for right now, a cup of joe"

I've got to get those DVD's

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Lewis Black, the man indeed.

It was part of one of his skits. He says there's some quotes you hear, that no matter what you are doing at the time, absolutely break your concentration and make you marvel at their absurdness.

One day he was eating at a restaurant, and there was a girl (a dumb blonde, I think), and she was having a conversation with someone else. And all of a sudden, he is able to make out this statement.."And if it weren't for the horse, I never would have spent that year in college".

And there you are. At the center of the universe. Standing between two Starbucks.

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I hate to be picky, but two of the quotes are a little off.  First, jpslapshot22's sig should say "I if it weren't for MY horse..."  Second, Lewis Black said that all of the candy corn was made in 1911, not 1912.  I know that this is splitting hairs, but if you talk to anyone who knows me, they'll tell you that this is always how I am.
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Rodney Carrington is hilarious.

"My wife is a twin, and lemme tell ya... ya date a twin, ya marry a twin, ya f*** a twin... ya preeeetty much wanna f*** the other. Here's a tip. Don't tell her that."


"Boy that was a s***ty Christmas"


Oh, and in Boulder, Colorado, they got two Conoco's (gas station) directly across the street from one another.

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